Save the Animals

All the animals that we find around us or those which live in forest play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance. To save our environment, it is necessary to protect the animals. The animals and trees work together to balance the ecosystem of the mother nature. 

In this ecosystem, everything is dependent on something else for its survival or functioning. Even a small insect helps the nature and environment run smoothly. Below we have discussed about some of the animals and insects that help reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Nature and ecosystem are in perfect harmony and living beings along with non-living things have a role to play to make environment work perfectly. Wildlife has a considerable impact on the environment.

Every animal has a role in the ecosystem and they too deserve to live happily. But for sake of development and other things, human being has exploited many natural resources and in that process animals and their habitat have been destroyed.

There are some animals which have very less population and are declining each day. Apart from this, human being kill animals for food and that too up to unjustified level. In the name of exotic food and consume meat, human kill wild animals due to which their population is declining.

It is our moral duty and responsibility to protect the animals and let them live freely so that balance of the ecosystem is maintained. It is important to save the life of the animals before they come to the endangered species category.

We hope you must have understood the need of the hour to protect the animals. Like us, they are essential part of the ecosystem and should be allowed to live freely in their habitat. So, start taking preventive steps from your side and make the animal feel protected.  

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