Outdoor Activities

In this Green World, you can enjoy Horse riding and cycling to free your soul from your busy scheduled lifestyle. 


Afforestation saves the earth and your life. We take efforts in planting trees with an aim to avoid pollution creating permanent damage to the earth.


Enjoy the beauty of nature with your loved ones, friends & family in the bamboo structured clubhouses. Perfect place for the small get-together and family holidays.

Purchasing of Land

In this wide 40 acres of land, you can get land at effective prices and incorporate farming activities. The beauty of nature is in your hands.

Corporate Time

Spending a healthy time in a healthy environment creates a healthy business relationship. You can book corporate guesthouses for business-related meetings. 

Host a Party

In this Green World and amidst peaceful surroundings, surprise your family and friends by hosting a birthday or weekend party, get-togethers.


Looking for a pollution-free yet best place to live without comprising comfort and conveniences? Vintage Village Farmlands offers such a place where you can enjoy fresh air, sunlight and integrate nature into a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle.


Get the chance to explore nature from very close. Here, you will get a lifestyle that is more connected to nature, self-sustaining and enriches your life in all possible ways living and nonliving things  that an organism interacts with or has an effect on it.


Vintage Village Farmlands invites people to watch and feel the beauty of nature. We assure to offer a healthy and self-sustainable lifestyle along with safe food without compromising comforts and conveniences.

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