Deforestation and natural loss of trees affect ecosystems, wildlife, weather and others too. Reversing the deforestation is complicated.

                         To support billions of people, preserve wildlife, and to maintain the climatic conditions undoubtedly the trees play a crucial role in this. But with the deforestation, we are disturbing our ecosystem. Deforestation occurs all around the world, and mainly the tropical rainforests are targeted. If the current deforestation levels proceed with the same pace then the world’s rainforests may completely vanish within 100 years. We are sacrificing the long term benefits by destructing the trees to gain short-term benefits. The desperate need of the land is for agricultural, industrial, and most significantly for the urban needs to sustain their growing population is directly resulting in the deforestation.

Major reasons for deforestation:

  • Making land available for housing and even urbanization.
  • To make commercial items like paper, furniture, and homes, etc.
  • To make ingredients like oil from the palm trees to use in the highly priced consumer items.

                          Deforestation is one of the major contributing factors for global climate change. And it also affects the water cycle, lifestyle, resulting in loss of species, soil erosion, and etc.

Our part against deforestation

                          Vintage Village Farmlands world provides a greenery world spread over acres with an abundant variety of plants. And supports the forestation activities where we can restore the ecosystem, water cycle, carbon storage. Vintage Village Farmlands aims to protect nature for the future and contributing its services in re-establishing the peaceful natural world.