Protect Nature

Nature is everything around us from the sun to the trees to every living and non-living thing on earth and it is because  of the nature that we are sustaining  in our daily life.

There are ample of resources which nature offers us and in spite of using of them appropriately, what we do is exploit them. And due to the lack of knowledge on how to properly utilize these resources, Human beings have exploited them to such an extent that most of these resources have come to a point of extinction.

Protecting Nature is an initiative to conserve all the resources that nature offers us and take steps into planning how to reserve these for our future generations to come.  Some of the major natural resources including water bodies, fossil fuels, and natural minerals require preservations.

Our step towards Protecting Nature:

Vintage Village Farmlands was established with the aim to formulate ways to properly utilize the natural resources and plant more trees in order to balance the inadequate rising temperature of Earth. We have taken the initiative to provide a glimpse of how it feels to live in the Lush Green environment to the people, even if it is for a small weekend gateway.