Global Warming

Global warming is affecting every form of life on Earth and a step towards sustainable way of Living can help safeguard Earth.

                                 Global Warming is a Worldwide Known Phenomenon which is affecting all forms of life on earth. The Rapid increase in the general temperature of the earth is what is causing the change in Earth’s climate. The climatic and environmental changes occurring on the Earth are irreversible and a part of the reason behind this is the increased volume of Carbon Dioxide and various other greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere because of increased Industrialization and over utilization of the resources.

                                 Global Warming is definite to have significant effects in all forms of Life on earth, some of the high risks include rapid increase in the sea level and frequently occurring storms and other related weather conditions.  Global Warming indeed is a long term effect and is going to rise up in the coming years if we do not work out with measures to resolve this problem.

Our Part in reducing Global Warming: 

                                 The best way to make Earth a better place to live again is through forestation and adopting a sustainable way of living. The sole reason behind the establishment of Vintage Village Farmlands was to introduce the concept of green living in the hectic schedule of urban life. Vintage Village Farmlands brings to you the perfect weekend gateway to enjoy with your family in the lush-green lands and contribute your part in saving our Planet Earth.